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Clean Life Medical is an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Practice. We are affordable, accessible and effective.


Brian M.

I am a heroin addict and I could not stop using. I came to Clean Life Medical and was put on buprenorphine for 7 days, gradually decreasing doses day by day and it saved my life. Clean Life Medical saved my life. I am not using heroin any more. I feel great being clean and having a clean life. Thank you Brandi and Dr. Thompson! You guys are awesome.

Jonathan B.

Clean, concise, proactive, dedicated, realistic and devoted. The Clean Life Medical team addressed issues that other doctors and health care providers have chosen to ignore. I’m grateful for the time they have put into my individual situation. Keep up the good work!

Todd G.

I entered the McShin Foundation with some medical conditions and was sent to Clean Life Medical. In that process I was a little skeptical. As soon as I sat down with Brandi that all changed. Dr. Thompson and Brandi made me feel like this is where I need to be to get the help I needed. Dr. Thompson is not only a great doctor but truly understands the meaning of addiction. I felt very comfortable with him like I had known him before. Medically speaking, they are not only taking care of my physical needs but mental as well. As my stay here may be long, I feel completely assured that Brandi and Dr. Thompson will take good care of me.

Joseph B.

After trying time and time again to stop using opiates on my own with several failed attempts, I came to Clean Life Medical to assist me in the detox process. The process was very simple and the doctors were extremely helpful. The initial meeting was very thorough. The doctor asked all of the right questions in order to determine what method of detox would be used. In a few days I met with the doctor again to check on me to see how things were going and answered all the questions I had. I was seen again by the doctor at the completion of my detox to ensure everything was going ok and I wasn’t having any problems. The doctor is extremely knowledgeable and is always available for follow-up questions I may have. It’s extremely affordable and a much better way to get through the detox.

Mikey Q.

I want to thank Clean Life Medical for making my detox process go smooth and easy. In conjunction with NA meetings, recovery housing and Clean Life Medical I have managed to stay clean for 8 months and counting. Dr. Thompson and Brandi handled me very professionally and were caring and understanding. Thank you!

Adam A.

The first steps toward recovery are some of the scariest, toughest steps one can take and thanks to Clean Life Medical those first steps were much more comfortable for me. Most doctors wouldn’t understand what it’s like as an addict, but Dr. Thompson was so reassuring and understanding, finally showing me there is a way out. The five day opiate detox allowed me to focus on the foundation of my recovery and helped me to get through one of the toughest times in my life.

Mary J.

Clean Life Medical literally saved my life. Before I came into recovery over 18 months ago, I was hopelessly physically addicted to alcohol. Every night before I went to sleep, I swore to myself that I would wean my tolerance down “tomorrow.” And every morning I would wake up with tremors, a racing heart, delirium tremens and a realistic fear that I may have a seizure, stroke or a heart attack. Delirium tremens, a severe form of alcohol withdraw, produce extreme mental and nervous system changes. Without medical intervention it can cause death. I desperately wanted to stop drinking, yet physically, I could not.

Nikki A.

I dont know where I would be today without you guys! If it wasnt for The Mcshin Foundation and Clean Life Medical I would still be fighting to get clean today. Thank you!

Robin B.

It’s all about helping people to change their life. McShin and Clean Life Medical – my kudos and many, many thank yous.

Cost of Substance Abuse Nationwide in 2013 (700 Billion)

Number of Deaths from Prescription Drugs Nationwide in 2013

Number of Deaths from RX Opioid Pain Relievers Nationwide in 2013

Number of Deaths from Benzodiazepines Nationwide in 2013

Don't be a statistic. There are options. We can help you become CLEAN and FREE today!

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Our Mission

Our program is designed to be accessible, affordable and effective to reach those suffering from the disease of addiction. We feel that the status quo is not enough and it is no longer acceptable for us to wait for disaster before we diagnose and treat this devastating illness. In our program we combine the latest science based detox treatments with the traditions and spiritual approaches of the recovery fellowship. We can help you start your CLEAN LIFE and embrace the road to recovery today.


When an addict is ready for detox and recovery we are too. We guarantee you will receive same day service. We have integrated telehealth in to our program so no matter where you live, we can see you today! Don’t wait another minute. We’re here for you!


We don’t believe in charging thousands of dollars for life saving treatment. Our goal is to give you the best medical detox and recovery support services for the best price so you can live a clean life right away.



We know addiction can be a complex disease. Our services and support will help you with any area of your illness. We understand it’s not so simple some times and that detox is the first step. We’ll work with you so you can get clean and transition into recovery safely & comfortably.


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Opiate Maintenance (MAT)




Mental Health Services


Medical Care


Recovery Coaching


Drug Testing




Community Services


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Forensic Expertise

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